Coleraine Social Media agency, Plug into Digital, specialises in aiding companies of all sizes dealing with breaking into the digital world or expanding their online presence. We have experience dealing with one man businesses, charities, social enterprises and upwards.  We have worked with clients in Northern Ireland, England, America and Australia.

Operating in the Coleraine area of the North Coast of Northern Ireland we're proud of our roots. Despite studying and working on the Mainland, the call of the home and the local people was too much. While we work with companies internationally, our main focus is on the area surrounding Coleraine, such as Portrush, Portstewart, Ballymoney and beyond.
With over 6 years of using Social Media to help businesses all over reach their customers, we have dealt with businesses and people from all walks of life, each with their own unique challenges. We've worked with advertising budgets as low as £50 per month, and budgets over £2,000 per month. Not every has heard of us, but thanks to us, our clients customers have heard of them!