Networking on the North Coast – An Idea

When you picture a networking event what do you see? People in suits? A requirement to pay up a yearly fee and weekly meeting costs? What about a NEED to bring other business leads? This is a very traditional, established and perfectly functioning form of Networking that works great for accountancy firms, lawyers, commercial vehicle leases companies etc. What about you and me? What about the Tea maker or the Virtual PA? What about the caterer working from home while they work another job as well? Networking on the North Coast isn’t going to be like that.

Networking in Suits
Networking in suits is great. But it’s not for everyone.

I’ve been to these kinds of events, and as a small, one person business I felt overwhelmed and like I didn’t fit in. That type of event was not for me. Luckily I have been to networking events where I felt reasonably comfortable and able to meet and network with new types of businesses every time I was there.

I didn’t wear a suit, I didn’t pay a large membership fee and I wasn’t required to bring leads for other businesses each time I attended. I had the opportunity to grant feedback and influence the future of the event. This is what I want to bring to Networking on the North Coast.

So what is Networking on the North Coast?

This is for the two friends who have a stall at a market, this is for the person who isn’t just ready to throw themselves out there, but wants to meet people who know what it’s like. It’s an idea for people who want to grow their network, but don’t have the facilities to invest in weekly, formal networking.

This, local businesses, is for you! To register your interest in a new more informal event geared towards Microbusinesses and Small Businesses fill in this form:

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