The Inaugural Networking on the North Coast

If anyone of you has been following me on Social Media or on the website you’ll know I’ve been interested in starting a networking event. In fact my last article was all about it. Well, now I’ve done in! On 1st June 2017, I brought together a group of local businesses in Whoosh, Coleraine to Network in a relaxed environment where there were no strict or hard rules other than turn up and meet new people.

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Now I’m not sure about anyone else, but in most networking events I’ve attended personally, any kind of food usually disappears fairly quickly. In light of this, I stopped at the shop to pick up a few nibbles and Thana from Whoosh made some Pandan and Coconut Cake and some Lychee Lemonade to wash it all down with. To me, what marked the event as a success was the fact almost none of the nibbles, apart from about half the cake, were touched; people were too busy networking to actually nibble on anything!

People asked me on the night how I would consider the night a success, well number one is the food more or less untouched! The answer I gave on the night was is people enjoyed the night and if people meet new people that could potentially lead to new work in the future.

Before the end of the night, I was told by more than one business they had discovered new businesses they didn’t know from the area, and one business reported they had a potential client lined up from the night. That in my book made Networking on the North Coast a success. I set out to bring people together, and I did.

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