Social Media can be scary, we know. It is an every changing world and it's easy to get scared by change. We're not though, we love the ever changing world. We revel in it! We offer training on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat and whatever other kinds of Social Media platforms you may want to consider. We offer Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising and Social Media Training which can delivered one on one, in small groups or to larger groups in a conference setting.
To make Social Media truly Social, the day to day running of your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should be done by you. We love our clients, and we are there for you, but we can't be there at a drop of a hat if something amazing happens and you want to post about it, say is someone famous walks into your shop or office. What we offer is help to manage and plan your strategies and regular posts, working with your team to schedule a regular feed of content across various Social Media platforms to keep your companies online presence relevant, which boosts credibility and SEO ranking.
Our Social Media training can be done to one person, two, as many as you like. In a training session for businesses we can cover strategies and techniques for Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, YouTube, Instagram and anything else that might crop up (or has appeared since we wrote this, we'd love to say this site is 100% up to date, but to be honest we're too busy helping other people to worry about ourselves sometimes, and that's a good thing for you!). We offer both compact training sessions, covering the basics in 2 hours, which can be split over two separate days, or 2 hour sessions on the platform of your choice.
Social Media Advertising is power and cheap. A one page advert in the local paper can cost up to £2,000, but that budget see's one company we work with through two entire months of advertising round the clock with a reach in tens of thousands. We can help you build up your following, and from there turn followers into customers.