Introducing Facebook Live Ads

Facebook Live LogoAre you utilising Facebook Live? If so you could be in with the chance to make some money from it. Facebook have started rolling out (in the United States as usual) Facebook Live Ads.

To meet the minimum criteria the Page must have at least 2,000 Likes and have had a minimum of 300 people tune into one of your recent live videos. The adverts themselves will last 20 seconds and can be activated after 4 minutes of live streaming. There is a minimum wait of 5 minutes required between each ad break.

If you aren’t using Facebook Live yet now is the perfect chance to start building your audience using a combination of Live Video, Organic content and Paid advertising so when it rolls out in the UK, you will be ready to take advantage this income-boosting opportunity.

You can read the latest announcement from Brian Boland (Vice President of Publisher Solutions) & Maria Angelidou-Smith (Product Manager) by clicking here.

An example of Facebook Live Ads

How to use Facebook Live Ads

  1. As mentioned above, your Business Page must have over 2,000 followers and have had 300 viewers on a recent Live Video.
  2. On a live stream, once 300 viewers have tuned in a $ symbol will appear (hopefully, this will be £ in the UK, we’ll have to see!).
  3. Once you are 4 minutes into your stream you made use the $ to start a 20 second Facebook Live Ad.
  4. Once a further 5 minutes have passed you may then press the button again to activate another ad.

Need help preparing for Facebook Live Ads?

Drop me an email, Tweet or Facebook message and we can get to work on your Digital Marketing plan, making sure your business is ready for Facebook Live Ads!

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