Politics and Facebook Targeting

The power of Facebook Advertising is remarkable, the ability to reach people in a particular way is astounding, it really is. Of all the PPC advertising methods I’ve researched in the past 10 odd years, Facebook Targeting is easily the best.

Just this morning I got hit with an Ad for the upcoming elections tomorrow, it’s not the first I’ve seen, but I did wonder what targeting options this particular party were using to target me. The results were far from impressive.

DUP using broad Facebook Targeting in their ads.
“You’re voting age and you live here” is the summary of this image.

This is the widest berth the particular political party could have used to target people before the election. They may have other adverts more closely targeted, but I wouldn’t see those based on how I would do them.

Looking through the comments confirmed the Facebook Targeting was not though clearly through, there were a lot of complaints. There were comments from people who clearly had issues with the party.

Using negative targeting this could have easily been avoided. I’ll not introduce personal politics into this, but there are reasons they would have been able to avoid wasting money on targeting myself.

Don’t make the same mistake with your Facebook Targeting

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