3 Ways to up your Twitter Game Today

During Social Media Get Together in Coleraine one thing was apparent; local companies love to use Twitter. Admittedly most of them said their best results came from elsewhere. With that in mind here are three ways for those organisations that love Twitter to get more out of their Twitter Game.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics
Use Twitter Analytics to see a summary of your performance over the past 28 days

Twitter Analytics is a great way to see how your Tweets are doing. At a glance, Twitter Analytics gives you a 28 day summary of the number of Tweets you’ve sent, the impressions they’ve had, how many visits your profile has had, how many times you have been mentioned, how your followers have grown and how many people have Tweeted linking to you.

On the dashboard alone you can see which Tweet has earned you the most impressions, which Mention from another user has earned the most Engagements as well as your top Tweets containing Media or Cards from a website.

Moving across to the Tweets Dashboard will give you access to Impressions, Engagements and Engagement Rate for your Tweets as well as an Impression Chart and a variety of other Charts including Engagements, Link Clicks, Retweets, Likes and Replies.

You can get a clearer insight into your followers using the Audiences tab, which breaks down audiences by Gender, Country, Region and also gives a clear insight into what topics your Twitter Audience is interested in.



Twitter Dashboard

Twitter Dashboard is a recent launch from Twitter, at its core, it’s a tool to monitor awareness of your brand and schedule content. Using the Home of the Dashboard you can set up filters to monitor mentions of your brand across Twitter, using Positive and Negative Keywords. You can also see your Tweets and your standard Twitter Timeline from the Home.

In the create tab of the Twitter Dashboard, you have the option of scheduling tweets. Tweets can be scheduled with media such as images and gifs or hyperlinks, but not video. On a side note we have found this can be a little buggy at times, but found it works a good 99% of the time. At the bottom of this page, all your content scheduled in the Twitter Dashboard will appear in the chronological order it is due to post.

The Analytics tab of the Twitter Dashboard gives a watered down version of Twitter Analytics, covering Account statistics and information from your latest tweets.


Crowdfire is a great tool to monitor Followers and Unfollowers. Implemented early in your Social Media Strategy it’s a great way of keeping track of key Twitter accounts you want following you. It also has Automatic Direct Messages features and can show you who are following that has become inactive.

Two tools we’d also like to highlight are the Copy Followers tool, this allows you to see who is following particular accounts (i.e. your competitors!). This can be used to spy on competitors followers and engage with them, you can also use this to investigate what content they are engaging with, allowing you to develop your strategy to include tactics that have worked for other businesses in your field.

The other tool is Keyword Follow, this allows you to search for users of a keyword(s) of your choice or users of particular Hashtags, this is a great way to follow users who are expressing an interest in your chosen focus, and this can be narrowed down by location, to make it relative to local businesses or users.

In the free version, you are limited to 100 Follows and 100 Unfollows every 24 hours. You can gain extra using their Tweet button to promote the service, but 100 should be enough to start you out, even if you have to clear out or increase over a few days.

What are you going to try first?

What are you going to do first to try and up your Twitter game? Let us know what’s inspired you and what your next course of action is to improve your presence on Twitter. Drop us a comment below or on Twitter @PlugIntoDigital

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